Now you can extend your reach to your internal or external audiences, customers and various stakeholders by easily publishing documents on your intranet or website. Imagine the simplicity of being able to create and update your own web pages, as simply as pressing Click, File, Print, and being able to communicate and collaborate more effectively with the publishing of more timely information. Save time and money by not having to deal with a specialized web page developer.

SoIntuitive Touch Filer provides a web server that does not require any knowledge of HTML. All you need to do is produce your content using programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint and it will print as a Flash object directly to the proper corporate Intranet or website page. Then simply add a menu for your web site by adding Drawers and Folders and you can publish what’s important for your customers and stakeholders instantly.

You can also have the peace of mind of hosting a Blog site—without the worry of the public posting whatever they wanted to your blog— as SoIntuitive Touch Filer allows you to pre-screen blogs before you post them to your corporate blog site.