Touch Filer includes a built in Browser-Based double entry Accounting ERP system that can even be used with a laptop, Black Berry or iPhone. It has a fully integrated chart of accounts and each inventory item is linked to income, expense, inventory and tax accounts. As items are sold and purchased all accounts are automatically updated. For businesses who assemble or manufacture, from component to foods or labour or other services, the system allows you to keep track of all goods and services used in assemblies. When assemblies are sold all accounts are updated and stock levels are adjusted accordingly. All reports are generated from templates and can be modified to suit your needs. These include Invoices, Packing Lists, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Sales, Work and Purchase Orders, Statements, Receipts, Checks and more. All reports produce html, or PDF and can be send to a printer or directly out via the built in Fax Server or Email Server.

Built In: Fax Server, Email Server, File Server and Virtual Private Network (VPN),
Automatic Off-Site Backup Option

Fax Server and Email Server

Any accounting reports or other documents can even be automatically faxed or emailed to customers, vendors and the like with the built in FAX Server and Email Server. Also, all faxes go directly to the document management portion to be indexed. Optionally all emails can also be automatically captured and related directly to contacts within the document management portion of the program.

File Server

Those in the office can share their documents with one another or have private folders with the built in File Server.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Other internal files and documents can be accessed and updated remotely via a browser from different parts of a city, country or across the world. Users can share files, send and receive faxes and emails with anyone across the world just as if they were located right in the office. All this is provided with the built in, very secure, Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Automatic Off-Site Backup Option

Touch Filer provides the option for those who want to have their system, files and documents automatically backed up to an remote site so that they do not have to think about changing backup devices each day. Should the unlikely event occur that the system go down, the remote site can be flipped over to the remote backup server within a very short period of time.