SoIntuitive Touch Filer will soon be able to record and track conversations by analog land line, Cell Phone, PBX and VOIP, link them to your contact database and then place them within the proper context in Cabinets, Drawers and Folders and directly link them to the contact you were speaking to.

Imagine the time you’ll save being able to leave voice annotations that relate to a specific document rather than having to type addendum notes. And SoIntuitive Touch Filer knows where you are—at your office or on your cell—and will connect your call, which is then available to applicable parties for review. Amazingly, SoIntuitive Touch Filer can even remind you when to call someone back. And it’s so easy to find a voice message; SoIntuitive Touch Filer will list all of the closest segments of conversations or voice annotations and present a list. Talk about improving your performance.

Even videos can be archived and easily tracked, and securely shared across the world with others. For example, doctors will be able to view a CAT scan or X-ray and add notes as well as provide markups on specific frames for review by others. Of course, security is of ultimate importance and records of high-security can only be accessed with a specialized physical key.