Our solution for filing is as simple as touching your screen, it’s that intuitive. So you won’t be tying up staff with complicated inputting of documents and information, as everything is intuitive. It’s so easy, you can, accurately identify documents and file them in seconds.

Easily create your own index categories without programming and simply use your pre-defined categories to touch file – absolutely no typing is required and no guesswork about where things should go. Because you create your own categories, it is literally as simple as touching a pre-named folder and it’s filed. SoIntuitive Touch Filer also makes it so easy to stay up to speed with changing business classifications and processes, by allowing you to create, and update over time, your own classifications and categories without complicated programming.

SoIntuitive Touch Filer can be delivered with a high-speed document scanner and a touch screen and it also has the ability to access and manage your information through other devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone and Blackberry.