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SoIntuitive Inc. helps individuals start their own business.

SoIntuitive Inc. is currently empowering individuals to startup their own small “Office Organizing” businesses. Many Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB) can have it even easier. All the SMB needs to do is open their mail, drop it into a scanner and press one button from their office. That’s it! After that, a qualified SoIntuitive Touch Filer Operator can remotely Index these documents all from the comfort of their own home for the SMB.

SoIntuitive Inc. offers a finders/delivery fee for SoIntuitive Touch Filer even though it only takes minutes to setup.

SoIntuitive Inc. helps Bookkeeping and Accounting firms have immediate, secure access to their clients physical documents, and provides the ability to update their customers Accounting System remotely from their office or home.

SoIntuitive Inc. delivers a Flash Based Web Cart providing an on-line Credit Card and PayPal transactions. This Web Cart integrates directly with SQL-Ledger Sales Orders, Invoicing
and Accounts Receivables.