A key advantage of SoIntuitive Touch Filer is that it provides simple browser-based access for your authorized employees, customers and other stakeholders. This makes it breathtakingly easy to access whatever they need, from wherever they are, from any computer using any platform, flash-enabled ultra mobile computing device or cell phone.

They can connect with just a touch of the screen—or with point and click ease—instantly accessing easy-to-remember fields such as User, Contact Name, Cabinet, Drawer, Folder, Date or other designations. For wider searches, our advanced indexing engine delivers the answer. All items stored are filed and connected to the appropriate contacts and can be linked to contacts and transactions that take place within popular accounting software packages such as Power Broker, Quicken, and SQL-Ledger. SQL-Ledger is a full 100% Web based MRP Accounting software solution that comes fully integrated with SoIntuitive Touch Filer.

We can help transform how your people and customers do business, by providing a better way to archive, manage and intuitively access your critical data and information.