The beauty of SoIntuitive Touch Filer is that it is so adaptable, so intuitive, that no matter what industry you are in or what challenge you face, it will transform how you do business by empowering your people to accomplish more, with ease.

Take a look at how SoIntuitive Touch Filer can add value to your processes and performance:

Policies and Procedures

SoIntuitive Touch Filer empowers your people to stay organized:

  • Problem Tracking and Addressing
  • Policy Building
  • Procedure Structuring and Adjustments to existing procedures
  • Procedures Design and Management
  • Agreement Team Building
  • Distributed Team Agreement Creation and Management
  • Legal Compliance


SoIntuitive Touch Filer makes a healthy contribution:

  • Image Collaboration and Framed Mark up
  • Dictation Transcript Conversion Assistance
  • Remote Doctors Collaboration on documents and images
  • Collaboration and Voice Annotation
  • Prescription Verification and Tracking
  • Authorized Drug Supplier Tracking


SoIntuitive Touch Filer easily improves your processes and performance:

  • Order Processing
  • Shop Floor Delivery Tracking
  • Maintenance Scheduling


SoIntuitive Touch Filer empowers your people to provide better service:

  • Service scheduling Timetables
  • Project Management Tracking
  • Forms Capture

Safety Organizations/Industries

SoIntuitive Touch Filer easily improves your safety processes:

  • Inspection Logs and Procedures
  • Standardization Forms
  • Safety Inspections
  • Real time Confidence before operations proceed
  • Automatic Notifications to Superiors/Foreman before operations proceed
  • Checkpoint Notification to proper Authorities and Compliance
  • Page Revision and Insertion


SoIntuitive Touch Filer intuitively improves performance:

  • Integration with existing popular Broker Software Packages
  • Automatic Notification of renewals to specific Representatives
  • Checkpoints for all actions to be taken on various types of insurance
  • Page Revision and Insertion


SoIntuitive Touch Filer adds value with ease:

  • Out of office Acceptance or Rejection of Document Compliance
  • Multi office Compliance Management
  • Critical Timeline Escalation
  • Original Document on File Compliance
  • Page Revision and Insertion

Asset Management

SoIntuitive Touch Filer effortlessly empowers your employees:

  • Client/Customer Portal
  • Signature Verification
  • Page Revision and Insertion


SoIntuitive Touch Filer delivers feature-rich solutions:

  • Photo I.D.
  • Signature Verification
  • Local Document Archival and Security
  • Secure Offline Document Access
  • Page Revision and Insertion


SoIntuitive Touch Filer is an ideal performance enhancing tool:

  • Page Revision and Insertion


SoIntuitive Touch Filer gives your team the support it needs:

  • Complex Case Compilation and Binder Production
  • Page Revision and Insertion


SoIntuitive Touch Filer makes it simple to do agreements:

  • Page Revision and Insertion

Maintenance/Operations Manuals

SoIntuitive Touch Filer takes the hassle out of creating manuals:

  • Page Revision and Insertion
  • Authority
  • Compliance/Escalation
  • Management of Checkpoint Notification and Validation


SoIntuitive Touch Filer intuitively takes the work out of HR:

  • Resume and Skills Management
  • Timesheet and Punch Clock Management with Signatures
  • Payroll Synchronization and Validation/Authorization