SoIntuitive Touch Filer allows for controlled access to information from anywhere with built-in security to protect your information 24/7. It uses a secure physical remote USB key solution for secure access and will only allow users to have access to information that is specifically related to their role. Further, you can restrict access to documents through user-to-contact and user-to-classifications controls and be confident that your information remains confidential. Additionally, all access and transactions with information is logged and record(ed) directly in line with the policies and procedures you put in place within Touch Filers built-in Policies, Procedures and Process Management Engine. (PPP Engine)

By employing an on-site server, and a high-end, internet security appliance which provides network based virus scanning and spam filtering with dual ISP failover, SoIntuitive Touch Filer protects your network environment without you having to give it a second thought.

Critically, your data is always secure, as your files are automatically backed up on-site. You can also benefit from the additional protection provided by an optional non-hosted remote site backup solution.