Most businesses don't need a Records Management System, they need a Relational Document Tracking System!

File and access all your paper and other documents from anywhere using only a Browser, iPad or iPhone.


One Client's Testimony



then THINKING for YOU!


No Typing
No Keyboard
No Emailing
No Spam


  1. Drop a document into a scanner from anywhere.  
  2. It instantly appears before you in your web browser.  
  3. Touch the contact that the document is related to, and...'s now filed and accessible to those who need it!


Based on who the document is about, it automatically knows what it is, where to file it, and who should see it.

Customers will only see documents that pertain to them. Employees will see only documents that they need to act on right now.
Manage emails, faxes and other records by printing to it. Collaborate with customers, staff, and associates on any documents.
Provides off-site backups to ensure your documents' safety. Catagorize and file documents without human interaction.
Host it from within your office, on-site, or on the Internet. Efficient filing, fast access, high security, disaster recovery, and more...